Priced out a San Francisco or Marin? Tired of long commutes and gridlock? Looking for a great community with a high quality of life, that is also among the most affordable in the Bay Area? Check out the numbers or come visit and see for yourself.

Commute Times

With an average commute time of 25.3 minutes, Sonoma County workers enjoy one of the lowest commute times of all Bay Area counties.

Air Quality

Sonoma County out performs comparable counties with regards to air quality. In 2016, the EPA recorded that 97% of days were classified as having ‘good’air quality, with no days considered ‘unhealthy’, even for sensitive groups.

High School Graduates

Sonoma County compares favorably to both the state graduation rate (83.8%) and the national rate (84.1%) with 84.4% of high school students graduating.

Health Insurance Coverage

Sonoma County ranks fifth among comparable counties with only 10.1% of residents not having health insurance coverage.

Culture and Recreation

Sonoma County ranks third among comparable counties for culture and recreation with an index score of 94.

 Sonoma CountyMarin CountySan Francisco CountyContra Costa CountySources
Median Sales Price – Sept. 2016$590,000  $1,165,000  $1,218,750  $552,000
YtoY Change - Median Home Sales
Median 1-Br Rental – Sept. 2016$1,540  $2,510  $3,500  $1,850
Median 2-Br Rental – Sept. 2016$2,000  $3,250  $4,770  $2,180
YtoY Change - Median Rental
Number of Households -
Average Commute Time - in
Mean Hourly Wage – Q1 2016$24.73 $35.60  $30.26
Mean Annual Wage – Q1 2016$51,445 $74,042  $62,947